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Not just a café, we're scaling kindness

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Bonobo Café was set up with a greater purpose in mind. It is the dream child of Deane Simmonds and Annelies Basten, born out of a deep soul search around what their purpose is in this world. How can we bring more kindness towards the planet, animals, and each other into this world?  How can we spread a ripple of happiness, and how can we make it last?

We have created a social enterprise where you can experience kind food, coffee & service and where you are ultimately part of the establishment of an animal sanctuary. At the sanctuary, you will be reconnected with nature. You'll be able to learn about living off the land, and alongside animals. You'll get to know each rescued animal, their name, and personality & quirks. You will understand why Bonobo is fully plant-based, as this embodies kindness towards the planet, the animals and each other.

As it happens, reconnecting yourself with nature also creates happiness, and so our purpose will be fulfilled. Making the world a happier place. 

Working at Bonobo

We run Bonobo differently. We adhere to a flat structure and value each team member and their skills, needs, and input. We are always open to ideas and suggestions that could improve the customer experience, flow, or efficiency. We listen and implement. We also believe self-care is very important and try and accommodate time out for everyone to look after themselves. 

If you are interested in working at Bonobo, please send a cover letter and your C.V. to

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